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[VIDEO] 1990’s League of Legends Commercial 25

[VIDEO] 1990’s League of Legends Commercial


Dude, I love this game. Playing top lane is TOTALLY RADICAL! By rizenvisual



It’s a tune as old as this nation is great, but as always, TF2 makes it better. By COBMetalHead, submitted by Bryan Tai.

Grand Theft Accidentally 12

Grand Theft Accidentally


Might as well Jump! By Delicious Cyan.

[VIDEO] Minecraft: The Anime 142

[VIDEO] Minecraft: The Anime

Minecraft isn’t an anime, but if it was, I’d like to think its opening sequences would look something like this! By legofguy and hanyilv, submitted by Tsuki Speaking of anime, I just got back from A-Kon in Dallas, Texas! I didn’t do a great job of mentioning I’d be there, but if I saw you, thanks for stopping to say hi!