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[VIDEO] Pyro’s Night at Freddy’s


The only thing scarier than being trapped in a building with murderous animatronic robots, is being trapped with an insane pyromaniac.

[VIDEO] Paperboy 3: The Hard Way 14

[VIDEO] Paperboy 3: The Hard Way

He was the greatest Paperboy they ever had… but now, he’s a PaperMAN. By SILVERMANIA

Soccer Flumps 32

Soccer Flumps

Give it a second. Uploaded by Leo Chen, submitted by Psyguy.

[VIDEO] Elizabeth’s Escort Mission 53

[VIDEO] Elizabeth’s Escort Mission

I was wondering why Elizabeth seemed like such an easy NPC to escort… turns out she was escorting your dumb ass around the entire time! By machinima [via Destructoid]

[VIDEO] NBA Motherfucking Jam 72

[VIDEO] NBA Motherfucking Jam

Are you ready for the SLAM JAM? By thatscoutisaspy, submitted by Andy Kluthe

[VIDEO] The Legend of Tusk 37

[VIDEO] The Legend of Tusk

From the ashes of our previous server, the spirit of Captain Falcon rises once again! Also I think this is our first ever DOTA2 related post? By swordzzzzz, submitted by Ted