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They weren’t designed for it, but man can those turrets sing! By xfreischutz

[VIDEO] If I Were A Core… 54

[VIDEO] If I Were A Core…

At first it seems like becoming a personality core wouldn’t be a particularly glamorous position at Aperture Science, but I suppose from a turret’s perspective any kind of  job change is a promotion! Another great Portal music video by Harry101UK

[VIDEO] This Is Aperture 160

[VIDEO] This Is Aperture

I love Portal 2, and I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, so basically I want to make out with this entire video! By Harry101UK, submitted by several people

[VIDEO] Portal 2 – Weird Science 47

[VIDEO] Portal 2 – Weird Science

Does Aperture Labs need a company theme song? If so, I think this just might work! By lordvipes, submitted by Char A.

Randolph the Red Nosed Turret 49

Randolph the Red Nosed Turret

It was truly the greatest Christmas ever at Aperture Laboratories! Although sadly… it was also the last one ever. A holiday comic from The Valve Store!

My Little Turret: Friendship is Science 86

My Little Turret: Friendship is Science

I knew Aperture’s sentry guns came in many colorful styles, but who knew they had so many pastel options available? By Inspectornills, submitted by Dick Pound

[VIDEO] Left 4 Portal 2 46

[VIDEO] Left 4 Portal 2

Why… why can’t this be a real thing? Oh wait it actually is! It’s secret content in the Suicide Blitz 2 custom map for Left 4 Dead 2! Video by clarkkent999, found by Ashley “Kiyi” Locke

[VIDEO] Unforeseen Consequences of Tea Time 74

[VIDEO] Unforeseen Consequences of Tea Time

There is a lot of weird stuff going on in this video, but the key point to remember… NEVER interrupt Heavy and Medic’s tea time! By HeavyWeaponsGull, submitted by Sadface