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[VIDEO] Luigi’s Day Out 17

[VIDEO] Luigi’s Day Out

Luigi finally gets some time out with his bro! By HotDiggityDemon, submitted by Sadface

[VIDEO] Super Mario Busters 33

[VIDEO] Super Mario Busters

I ain’t afraid of no boo! By James Farr, submitted by Psyguy

[VIDEO] Wario Does A Thing 39

[VIDEO] Wario Does A Thing

I really like these… I hope Psyguy and CrikeyDave make a million of them!

[VIDEO] It’s a Wonderful Extra Life 51

[VIDEO] It’s a Wonderful Extra Life

To Luigi! The greatest plumber in the Mushroom Kingdom! Okay that’s not true… but he’s still an important bro! By Dorkly, submitted by smashpro1 http://www.dorkly.com/video/30941/dorkly-bits-mario-is-too-mainstream

[VIDEO] Video Game Trick or Treating 59

[VIDEO] Video Game Trick or Treating

The guys at Underbelly show us why trick or treating in Video Game Land is generally a bad idea! Submitted by smashpro1