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Pixar Portal 75

Pixar Portal

Click here to zoom! Click here to zoom! Sure those TF2 shorts are pretty amazing, but I bet Pixar could blow them out of the water given the chance! Of course these aren’t actually by Pixar, they’re renders by Alex Zemke!

[VIDEO] How Super Mario Should Have Ended 80

[VIDEO] How Super Mario Should Have Ended

Not all that surprising… the cake has always been a lie. By HISHEdotcom, submitted by Jordan

[VIDEO] This Is Aperture 160

[VIDEO] This Is Aperture

I love Portal 2, and I love The Nightmare Before Christmas, so basically I want to make out with this entire video! By Harry101UK, submitted by several people

[VIDEO] WarioWare!: Valve Edition 63

[VIDEO] WarioWare!: Valve Edition

This was an alpha. I’m making a note here, “huge success!” By ikusa0717, submitted by Josh Mirman

Giant Companion Cube appears in New York City 42

Giant Companion Cube appears in New York City

When Cal Tech plays a prank on New York City, they do one hell of a job! Of course when you have a sculpture sitting around that’s a big ol’ cube, you’re kind of asking for it! Don’t worry fellow New Yorkers, keep calm and carry on testing! Submitted by several people

[VIDEO] Portal: No Escape 47

[VIDEO] Portal: No Escape

I can see the trailer now. THIS SUMMER, IN A WORLD OF QUANTUM PHYSICS, ONE WOMAN DARES TO SURVIVE. It would probably have this for a movie poster too! By Dan Trachtenberg, submitted by everyone

[VIDEO] The Portal 2 Engagement 67

[VIDEO] The Portal 2 Engagement

Sure, there are plenty of in-game video game marriage proposals out there… but how many do you know that feature three new Portal 2 test chambers and some completely new GLaDOS dialogue by the original voice actress? That’s right none… until now! By rocketrascal34, submitted by Sadface [via Kotaku]

[VIDEO] Left 4 Portal 2 46

[VIDEO] Left 4 Portal 2

Why… why can’t this be a real thing? Oh wait it actually is! It’s secret content in the Suicide Blitz 2 custom map for Left 4 Dead 2! Video by clarkkent999, found by Ashley “Kiyi” Locke